Friday, January 16, 2009

Davis being Davis #1

While Davis and I were talking today, I decided it's time to write about all the ridiculous things we go through. Let's get started. (DK, you're gonna get a kick out of this.)


12 cans of Rustolum spray paint: $18
Three minute phone call to Davis: $.43
Hearing I was right: Priceless

Scenario: Davis bought ruckus in the summer and decided to spray paint it white. It would he his vacation project while I am miserable in San Jose going to school. Instead of hanging out with me during his break, Davis decided to drive up to commute to Daly City to paint his precious ruckus by the time SF State starts. Of course I told him to get that done professionally, but he wanted to be manly and do it himself. One week and tons of arguments later, I called him during work to see how he's doing and I was informed that the project was a total failure. The best thing I heard was, "you were right." SCORE!

So just an FYI for all the guys currently in a relationship, the number one rule is: she is always right.